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Ideas for Christening Gifts

A Christening is an important step in a child's life. Even leaving aside the religious aspect of it (whilst an important discussion, this is probably not the time or the place), it is a fantastic way of welcoming a child into the world.

Bringing together loved ones from family and friends to show the new baby around, to get people to celebrate in a new life, is a beautiful thing. The problem is, as someone who attends such a thing, is choosing the right gift.

It is a tough call! do you buy for now, what the baby needs? Or for the future? To help the parents or something for the child?


Tradition is to buy something that is both beautiful and, if not too valuable, at least giving that impression. Keepsakes, stylish items, useful items for later life, these are the sort of thing that are traditionally given at christenings. Toys and the like are for birthdays and Christmas.

So if that is the case, what sort of thing is suitable? All sorts of things actually.

1. Photo Frames. OK, we're getting more and more digital, even in photo frames. But it is hard to imagine a good quality, stunningly designed photo frame ever not being wanted. Look to have something personal inscribed on the back.

2. Stunning Candle Holders. Beautifully engraved, ornate candle holders are something that everybody should have, but few will ever buy for themselves. Such things keep well, and would make a great christening present.

3. Crystal Figurines. As popular as ever, especially when in designs that bring to mine babies and children. Dummy style figurines perhaps, or rocking horses. They make tremendous keepsakes that the parents, and then the children, can keep on a mantle piece and look at to bring back memories.

4. Birthplates. Gone out of fashion these days, but a birthplate was a plate with an ornate design, usually of a stork or somesuch, that included such aspects as the date of birth, time of birth, weight and other aspects of the newborn.

============================================================================== Choosing a Christening Gift for a Girl

As a guest at a Christening there are few things more stressful than choosing the gift for the child. But don't let it stress you out, a Christening is a time for celebration after all, not stress and worry.

Which is easier said than done, after all for many people a Christening gift is something that they have little by way of experience in, especially if they have no children of their own, or if they aren't religious.

Thankfully there are a number of easy to find, high quality gifts that you can get a child for their Christening. Especially if the child is a girl. Here we look at some of the best Christening gift options.

Options for a Christening Gift for Girls

* Money. OK, never ideal, shows a lack of imagination. But if you are truly stumped then you can give money to the parents to put into trust, or to give them a quality day out.

* Money boxes. A bit more unique, especially if you get a stylish one. Great for storing pocket money in.

* Candle sticks. Beautiful, ornate candle sticks are something that pass the test of time and can be useful when children grow up.

* A stunning crucifix. This can be ideal, girls love jewellery, and the crucifix gives that essential religious feel that fits right in with the christening.

* Keepsakes. Crystal figurines, coin collections, memorable plates, picture displays and the like are things that will be kept in display at home, turning into wonderful keepsakes for the child as they grow.

* Hair products. No, not shampoo, things like ribbons in the hair, stunning slides, even tiaras make the girl feel pretty and special.

* Clothing. Ask any parent, kids always need new clothes. OK they might not last like a keepsake, but a pretty dress can help a little girl feel like a princess (if they are getting christened later than a baby age)

For the most part something that will last, that gives good memories and is something that they will want to keep as they grow up is the main aim. Keepsakes are, for that reason, the most popular of christening gifts for girls.
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