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Choosing a Gift for a New Baby

It can be hard to decide on a gift for a new baby. After all, the mother has just gone through 9 months of pregnancy and then untold hours of labor to give this new born life, anything you get from now will seem nothing more than a token.

And it is important to remember that is what it is. You are looking at a token gift. You can't maych what the parents have just gone through, and any massive, extravagant idea will simply ring hollow right now – wait until the stress of having a new born has worn them down before thinking of such things!

For now you want a token, a classy symbol of your care and love towards a new baby, one that will be appreciated by the parents and, ideally, become a treasured keepsake.


Probably the best idea for gifts for a newborn is a keep sake. Let's be honest, a newborn baby is not going to appreciate anything you give it, shy of milk or a fresh nappy. And whilst the parents will no doubt appreciate gifts such as clothes for the baby, and nappies and the like, they are simply gifts to them – a newborn 'welcoming gift', for want of a better phrase, should be something else entirely.

Which is why keepsakes are so useful. If you know you want to be a part of this baby's life as it grows up into an adult, then you are going to want to get them something they can treasure in later life, that reminds them that you were there for them.

Gifts such as crystal miniatures, commemorative plates, wooden love spoons (a lovely Welsh tradition that is growing in popularity) and the like make perfect gifts. Something beautiful that the parents, and later the child, will love to display, that will remind them of how much you care.

Buying a gift for a new born baby isn't just about buying for the now – if you want to make a lasting impression you buy for a lifetime, not just for the first few months of their life. By all means help the parents out with clothes, but look at other gifts, gifts that will be remembered and treasured, in the way you hope memories of you will be by the young child.

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